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MCM-9000 IP Based MPEG-TS Monitoring
MCM-9000 IP Based MPEG-TS Monitoring
The MCM-9000 is an IP based monitoring solution for content over MPEG-TS. The solution enables monitoring of high number of channels.




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  • Mosaic as an HD service over IP (SPTS)
  • Playback with standard off the shelf IP STB
  • Advanced Error detection
  • Conditional access monitoring
  • Concurrent, real time analysis of all channels
  • Supports Mpeg-2, H.264 both SD and HD sources
  • Live display of channel properties (audio level, format, aspect ratio, name etc)
  • Flexible output stream bitrate, down to 1mbps for monitoring over the Internet
  • Fully configurable overlay display of events messages on the mosaic
  • Loudness metering by EBU-R128 (BS.1770-2).

The solution enables monitoring of high number of channels and also creating a mosaic wall. The event detection thresholds are configurable per group of channels, giving the operator full control over the monitoring parameters. The system encodes the mosaic over H.264 HD SPTS - enabling the display by IP-STB both localy and at remote sites.

It is supplied as a small bootable USB key which runs software to interface directly to the Intel CPUs – thus rendering high performance beyond what is achievable in a standard OS environment.

The inputs on the screenshot are a mix of SPTS and transmission muxes with individual services picked out. It does full ETR290 monitoring for all levels, plus black picture detection, blocking detection, audio silence etc. Alarms can be sent to a northbound monitoring system and/or via e-mail and/or displayed on screen, with configurable alarm levels. It is possible to configure multiple simultaneous output layouts, or cycle between different layouts. It can automatically control an external IRD (e.g. RX8200 or Sencore MRD) so that the operator can elect to output any particular service to the IRD on demand.

Additionally, there is a recording option which will automatically record on alarms. For example, if MPEG artefacts are detected in the picture, it can be configured to record 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the event and export to external storage for operator review.

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