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Comux announces Techex as technical infrastructure partner for Local TV

London, UK: 20th August 2013 - Comux UK, the community-owned business selected by Ofcom to build and operate the local TV broadcasting platform, today announced details of its technical infrastructure and the companies selected as infrastructure partners and suppliers.

Ed Hall, Chief Executive at Comux, said: “We are delighted to announce that we have now agreed contracts with all of our infrastructure partners and suppliers. This means we can now offer the complete technical framework we promised to Ofcom and the 19 local licensees due to start broadcasting in the coming months.”

The infrastructure includes;

  • Techex - Lead Technical Architect for the Broadcast Layer, (Compression and Multiplexing, Contribution, Broadcast IP Network, IP/ASI transport and Transmitter Monitoring)
  • Arqiva – Transmission services
  • IBC - (Innovation Birmingham Campus) – Buildings and facilities
  • Phoenix7 - licensee Channel Management Software (CMS) for scheduling
  • TSL - Lead System Integrator, using the Evertz Mediator system for storage and playout
  • WarwickNet – Network

With the technical infrastructure in place the first 19 licensees can focus on getting ready to start broadcasting. Lia Nici, Executive Producer, Channel 7 Grimsby, said: “We are very excited about our upcoming launch on Freeview, and the completion of the technical infrastructure framework is a big step towards this.”

The extensive selection process carried out by Comux has been designed to provide the best combination of technical performance, support services and value for money. Przemek Bozek, industry analyst at IHS, said: “The technical infrastructure is critical to the success of the local TV service. Comux has put together a best-of-breed framework that should deliver everything the licensees need when they start broadcasting.”

Digital UK has allocated prominent channel numbers for local TV; position 8 on the Freeview TV guide in England and Northern Ireland, and nominally position 45 in Wales and Scotland. Originally conceived by former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, the local TV initiative aims to create a vibrant network of stations that can serve local communities, and improve local democracy. Alongside broadcasting on digital terrestrial TV, some of the local channels are planning carriage on satellite and cable TV, and online.