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MWcore - EDGE controller
MWcore - EDGE controller
MWCore provides the high availability control platform to centrally control and monitor your distributed MWEDGEs.






  • NAT firewall traversal for bidirectional control and monitoring
  • High availability clustering and load-balancing
  • Full REST API
  • Advanced authentication including LDAP, SAML and Microsoft Azure AD with 2FA
  • Time series data recorded and native Grafana datasource presentation
  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhooks and email notifications
  • Multi concurrent operator and API support
  • Native Grafana datasource presentation
  • Push statistics to Influx DB at up to 1 second resolution
  • Push statistics to Skyline Dataminer at up to 1 second resolution
  • Push statistics and logs to Splunk
  • Critical broadcast application focus
MWcore - EDGE controller

A lightweight and high-availability control platform built exclusively to service critical broadcast environments. MWCore centrally manages the deployment of upgrades even to EDGEs behind firewalls.

MWEDGEs connect to MWCore and stream telemetry over secure websockets allowing control and monitoring of deployments behind 3rd party firewalls.

Designed to remove complexity and provide clarity to inform timely decisions, the interface has been designed to be as dynamic and user-centric. All interfaces provide real-time updates with clash detection allowing synchronous collaboration between multiple operators working on both the API and modern responsive web user interface.

User authentication

MWCore has mature authentication options included. In addition to its native user database, it supports LDAP, SAML and Microsoft Azure AD including two factor authentication. Integration is proven at some of the largest and most complex global broadcasters.


Telemetry review - GrafanA

MWCore verbosely captures all events to a high-performance time series database allowing bitrate, jitter, RTP errors, CC errors and ARQ statistics etc to be plotted and correlated over time.  
MWCore provides a northbound Grafana native datasource allowing correlated monitoring of all EDGES and third-party infrastructure without writing custom queries.


MWCore supports Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhooks and email notifications natively. Via the Grafana integration; Pageduty, OpsGenie, Telegram, Prometheus Alertmanager are supported. Native Syslog support is provided and can be used for integration into Splunk.


MWCore includes a full REST API which exposes all the functionality available through the administration interface for integration into external monitoring or control systems such as ATOS BNCS, Skyline Dataminer and Nevion VideoIPath.

High Availability ClusteR

EDGEs hold a persistent master copy of their own configuration allowing them to operate seamlessly in the event of loss of access to their controlling MWCore.

MWCores can optionally be deployed as a High Availability cluster. MWEDGEs seamlessly failover and load balance control affinity and communication between MWCore cluster nodes without use of an external load balancer, this allows deployment of HA clusters across cloud providers or VPCs.



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