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TR2500 Receiver
TR2500 Receiver
Companion decoder for centralized monitoring and control of TVU Transmissions




TVU Networks Download TR2500_Receiver_Datasheet.pdf


  • Companion decoder for all TVU transmitters
  • Monitor all aspects of a live transmission, including bit-rate and latency
  • Have complete control over TVU transmitters and modem cards
  • Download, edit, and archive video content recorded on a TVU transmitter

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface – TVU Receivers display the video feed from all live paired TVU transmitters on any standard monitor. Users can control each paired transmitter from the receiver end, including stopping and starting in-field transmissions directly from the studio. The receiver interface also displays audio levels, error rate, line quality and other key data for each active transmitter and enables the studio technician to make real-time adjustments to the transmission based on the data.

Optimize Transmission Quality – TVU Receivers enable users to choose between several different default modes to automatically set the optimal bit rate and latency based on the conditions of each transmission. Alternatively, TVU’s Smart VBR functionality enables TVU transmitters to adapt quickly and efficiently to extreme fluctuations in bandwidth during live transmissions. The operator only has to set the desired latency for the live shot, and Smart VBR will automatically adjust picture quality based on the available bandwidth.

Monitor Signal Strength for Each Connection – The TVU Receiver’s interface enables users to see the current status of all connected 3G/4G/LTE data cards, WiFi connections, satellite or microwave links for each TVU. Users can enable or disable each connection directly from the receiver interface. When roaming, users have the ability to select which carrier a particular modem will roam on in order to utilize all of the cellular providers available.

View and Retrieve Archive Footage Directly from the TVUPack Transmitter – TVU Receivers provide extensive control for viewing, selecting and downloading video footage recorded on the TVU unit solid state hard drive. With the receiver interface, users can preview any archived video footage from a live TVU transmitter, edit the precise video frames required, and download them directly to the receiver’s hard drive for editing with the click of a mouse.

IFB – Add the optional IFB functionality to speak with a remote camera operator using the TVUPack transmitter. Users can provide audio instructions directly to the camera operator while viewing the live streaming footage and monitoring the TVU’s connection status.

GPS Tracking – Pinpoint exactly where one or all of your TVU transmitters are located when you have multiple transmitters in the field covering a breaking news story. With one click of a button, the TVU Receiver connects to an online map and pinpoints precisely where a TVU transmitter is located anywhere in the world. Additionally, the map will track the path of the TVU Transmitter. Users have the ability to mouse over a particular part of the route to reveal a thumbnail image of the transmission that was recorded at that exact location. Use the optional IFB function to direct the TVU operator to a specific location.

Automatic Download of Recorded Content – With the TVU LiveSync feature, the recorded video from a TVU transmitter is automatically uploaded to the TVU Receiver, providing a pristine transfer of the captured video segment.

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