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TVUPack TM8100
TVUPack TM8100
Economical cellular 3G/4G LTE mobile uplink backpack capable of transmitting SD or HD quality video.




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  • Portable Form Factor
  • Multiple 3G/4G/LTE Connections
  • Simple One Button Set Up
  • Fast Start Up
  • Resilient Video Quality
  • Low Latency & Smart VBR
  • Store and Forward Functionality

The TVUPack TM8100 is an economical cellular 3G/4G LTE mobile uplink backpack that is capable of transmitting SD or HD quality video. Used by hundreds of broadcasters worldwide since 2010, the TM8100 aggregates multiple transmission mediums including cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi, Ethernet and BGAN to transmit live video with sub-second latency, as low as 0.8 seconds. This all-in-one mobile backpack incorporates a TVU transmission encoder with SDI and composite connections, multiple USB adapters for adding and removing modem cards and dual battery mounts.

TVUPack features dual external battery mounts with a standard Gold Mount or optional V-Mount configuration. TVUPack operates on one or two batteries and supports hot swap for continuous running time. You can charge one battery while the other powers the pack.

All transmission between the TVUPack and the TVUPack Receiver are securely encrypted using TVU’s proprietary protocol. Each TVUPack is configured to communicate only with a specific TVUPack Receiver.

Take advantage of the optional hotspot feature to wirelessly access the Internet using a PC or smart mobile device. With multiple wireless connections at your disposal, your camera crew will have ample bandwidth to work remotely. Additionally, the TVUPack TM8100 supports multiple WiFi connections, which allows the Pack to connect to numerous HotSpots while out in the field.

With a PC or mobile smart device and Web access, TVUPack provides an option for the wireless monitoring of the transmission, line quality, battery level and other statuses in the field. Operators in the field can use TVUPack's Auto Sync feature which aggregates multiple connections to quickly and easily transfer files to and from the studio. Broadcasters can also download recorded content directly to a USB drive connected to the Pack

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