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TVUPack TM8200
TVUPack TM8200
TVUPack TM8200 premier mobile uplink backpack transmitter featuring a rugged exterior and unique internal modular design.




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  • Modular Design with Removable Components
  • Encrypted Transmission
  • Hotspot Functionality
  • Dual Hot Swappable Batteries
  • Interruptible Feedback - enabling news operations centers to speak directly to a headphone equipped cameraman or talent in the field
  • Field Monitoring and Control

With the ability to transmit live video in HD, the TM8200 features a removable encoder for fixed placement in a studio or other inside setting. It also houses multiple cellular modem cards in a hard case modem module that can be easily removed and moved for optimal transmission.

TM8200 features an easily accessible and removable external modem module that supports up to eight 3G/4G/LTE, microwave, satellite, WiFi and BGAN data connections. The TM8200 simultaneously aggregates up to nine connections including Ethernet to broadcast live in SD or HD.

TVU pioneered the single-button-start on a backpack style transmitter. No manual in-field configuration is required. Just plug in your camera and push the green button to go live. The TVUPack boots in less than 20 seconds and automatically establishes all wireless connections, giving you the ability to go live in no time.

TM8200 features a flexible modular design with a removable transmitter, giving broadcasters the flexibility to use the pack in studios, fly-packs, vans and helicopters. With TVUPack's detachable modem tray, users can optimally station the modems in different spots, including the exterior of moving vehicles.

TVUPack features TVU's proprietary IS+ technology, advanced Forward Error Correction and enhanced H.264 encoding for stable, reliable and resilient live transmission - even at low and rapidly changing bandwidths. The result is a superior quality picture.

TVUPack can transmit with as low as sub-second delay. TVU also makes managing the TVUPack live transmission easy with Smart VBR. Just set your desired latency, and TVU automatically determines the optimal bit-rate based on the current bandwidth.

TVUPack offers store and forward functionality for on-demand video retrieval. TVUPack is capable of capturing up to 7 hours of continuous video footage in HD, ensuringthat a full quality recording is available when you need it.

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