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TX3200 Transceiver
TX3200 Transceiver
Broadcast-quality server that can accept multiple video feeds. Ingest any SDI input to seamlessly feed the video to other locations via TVU Grid or output an IP stream for a variety of codecs and wrappers on Grid enabled Transceivers.




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  • Powers TVU Grid - TVU’s IP based video switching, distribution and routing solution
  • Decodes multiple types of feeds: TVU, SDI and web streams
  • Monitor all aspects of a live transmission, including bit-rate and latency
  • Provides complete control over TVU transmitters and modem cards
  • Delivers the best picture quality even when there are extreme fluctuations in bandwidth

Robust Features – TVU Transceivers provide an extensive number of features and functions that are designed to deliver effective monitoring and control of any and all live video transmissions. The web-based interface displays key status indicators such as the data throughput strength of each modem used, the line quality and transmission bit-rate of an operating TVU transmitter. Operator controllable features include IFB, GPS locating and tracking, retrieval of recorded video from the TVU transmitter, adding external IP video sources and other functions.

Preset Mode Selection – Switch with ease between five preset modes for bite-rate and latency, enabling you to choose the setting for each individual broadcast depending on the conditions of the transmission. Choose from Interview, Normal, Fast Moving, SD, and Tape Feed to set the most optimal bite-rate and latency. Users can also create their own preset transmission mode for the locations where broadcasts are frequently transmitted.

Unique Smart VBR Technology – Not sure about the appropriate preset mode or prefer to have the TVU receiver set the optimal bit-rate? TVU’s Smart VBR functionality takes out the guess work. Smart VBR enables TVU to adapt quickly and efficiently to extreme fluctuations in bandwidth during live transmissions when selected. The operator only has to set the desired latency for the live shot, and Smart VBR will automatically adjust picture quality based on the available bandwidth.

Full Video Editing – TVU Transceivers provide extensive control for viewing, selecting and downloading video footage recorded on the TVU solid state hard drive. With the transceiver interface, users can preview any archived video footage from a live TVU, precisely clip the desired video frames, and download them directly to the receiver’s hard drive for editing purposes.

Powers TVU Grid – TVU Transceivers power TVU Grid, TVU’s IP video switching, routing and distribution solution. With TVU Grid, a broadcaster can take a live video transmission from one location and share it with any number of Grid enabled stations in the world.

User Friendly Interface – The simple web-based interface makes the monitoring and control of live video transmission easy and effective.

Optimized Hardware Configurations – TVU Receivers are available in different hardware configurations. Choose between 1RU rack-mount or workstation options as well as units with dual outputs and/or dual power supplies. Some receiver options can also be upgraded to be TVU Grid transceiver ready.

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