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LiveEdge Streaming
LiveEdge Streaming

LiveEdge® Streaming. Create cutting-edge workflows based on thoroughly tested, standards-based streaming protocols alongside innovative edge compute power to eliminate costly and latency-inducing cloud processing and deliver player-ready video worldwide with minimal delay




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  • HLS
  • DASH
  • MBR
  • CMAF
  • HTTP Pull
  • Dual Posting

LiveEdge® Streaming

Ultra Low Latency (ULL) - Deliver truly live video to viewers worldwide with a selection of low latency capable protocols or remove latency inducing cloud processing altogether.

Reduce Cost - Eliminate cloud processing costs!
Perform all video encoding, transcoding, transrating, and packaging at the live video source.

Reliable - Integrated with leading technology partners, produce engaging live video experiences with the confidence of a standards-based end-to-end solution.

Benefits of LiveEdge® Streaming

  • Stream faster to the viewer without sacrificing quality
  • Deliver near-real-time streaming with RTMP to WebRTC
  • Sub-second workflows via SRT
  • Reduce latency to less than 2-3 seconds, glass-to- glass with chunked transfer of HLS/DASH
  • Eliminate cloud processing latency with player-ready video output
  • Eliminate cloud encoding, transcoding/transrating, and packaging with HLS/DASH and MBR
  • Remove cloud origin servers with HTTP Pull paired with direct-pull CDN
  • Extensively tested and seamlessly integrated with leading CDNs and video players (AWS, Akamai, Fastly, NexPlayer, CastLabs, and THEO)
  • Comprehensive workflow test reports
  • Standards-based HLS/DASH/CMAF
  • Industry recognized SRT for modern point-to-point workflows and fast, reliable cloud ingest

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