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XstreamEngine TwinTurbo
XstreamEngine TwinTurbo

2 channel 1U rack mount live streaming appliance




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  • 1U rack mount server appliance
  • 2 channel simultaneous capture
  • Web-based GUI
  • Live audio and video preview
  • Deinterlacing and inverse-telecine
  • Push and pull content delivery
  • Multi-bit rate stream capability
  • Event scheduler
  • Closed-caption and overlay support

XstreamEngine TwinTurbo offers 2 channels of video encoding from either 4 Composite or 2 S-video inputs provided with a standard definition PAL or NTSC source with 2 balanced/unbalanced line level audio inputs.

Capable of encoding and streaming Windows Media 7, 8, 9 & VC-1, ISO Mpeg-4 V1 & WM MPEG-4 V3 compression formats up to a resolution of 640x480 @ 30fps.

Ideal for internet broadcasting, unicast intranet broadcasting, archival, and production of content for viewing on demand.

The Winnov web based remote control interface tools, DRX® and MRX® enable users to schedule encoding & streaming events via the web and perform real-time remote audio and video previewing. Configure, monitor, and control an unlimited number of XstreamEngine streaming appliances through a single user interface from anywhere in the world.

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