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Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE)
Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE)
Wowza Streaming Engine, formerly Wowza Media Server, is robust, customizable, and scalable server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere.


Wowza SE Pro


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  • Streaming Delivery: Multi-Protocol, Multi-Client
  • Live Streaming from any H.264, HEVC Encoders
  • Support for the Latest Encoding & Streaming Standards
  • On-the-Fly Transcoding
  • nDVR for Live Stream Caching and Playout & Time Shifting
  • AddOn available for DRM
  • Installs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

For organizations that provide content, that means supporting an ever-increasing number of protocols, formats, and playback devices. Video streams must adapt to changing network conditions, while minimizing storage requirements, and maximizing performance of existing hardware, among other technical challenges all while keeping costs in check.

Video streaming is complicated, with multiple protocols, formats, playback devices, and technical challenges. Wowza Streaming Engine software simplifies streaming. Platform-agnostic, multi-format, and multi-screen, it takes in any video format, transcodes it once, and reliably delivers it in multiple formats and with the highest possible quality to any connected device, anywhere.

Save time and money by using a single live stream to simultaneously deliver live video and audio streams to any player, any device, over any protocol.

Set up, manage, monitor, and measure video and audio streams from a computer, tablet, or phone using the browser-based Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

Use the best encoding solution for your needs, from free software RTMP and SRT encoders to the broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware.

Wowza Streaming Engine provides tools to enhance your audience’s video and audio streaming delivery experience and maximize reach and engagement. Viewers can enjoy TV-like features while enjoying the best possible quality playback on any device.

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