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Zixi Video Packet Recovery
Zixi Video Packet Recovery

ZiXi's provieds error resilliance for live video over lossy IP networks such as the public internet.






  • Low Latency
  • Minimal bandwidth overhead
  • Packet re-request based
  • (Not FEC/ECC based)

ZiXi's video delivery technology consists of a light weight transmission protocol supporting error recovery, coordinated with via a patented end-to-end time synchronising process.

Built on top of UDP, the ZiXi Transport protocol supports any video encoding and encryption over MPEG Transport Stream (TS) and is capable of delivering perfect point to point video over lossy and jittery IP networks such as the public Internet.

The Zixi protocol is supported directly on the Haivision Makito encoders and decoders but can also be added to 3rd party transport streams by going via proxys before traverssing the lossy portion of the network.

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